The Annual City of Hope Ride for Hope event is a remarkable initiative that unites several hundred individuals to raise awareness about women’s cancers and is one example of Anna Jimenez’s approach to holistic care. Through this initiative, Anna not only raises awareness but also consistently raises thousands of dollars for City of Hope. The Intensive Care Unit Skin Cleansing Project is another example of Anna’s methodical and critical thinking.  Anna identified a problem with skin cleansing compliance in her unit and took prompt action to address it. She recognized that the current approach wasn’t working, sought out a better solution, and took a proactive, collaborative approach to improve compliance. She takes large, complicated projects, breaks them down into step-by-step pieces, connects with stakeholders, identifies solutions, designs education, and implements plans. 

As a Nurse Manager, Anna exemplifies exceptional leadership skills by valuing her team members and creating a positive work environment. Attention-grabbing displays, unit bulletin boards, personalized decorations and meaningful recognitions are Anna’s hallmarks to ensure that each colleague feels valued and appreciated. With creativity, flair, and personalization, Anna’s commitment to her team’s happiness and well-being is on display.