You would never know that Antonio is a relatively new nurse—he practices with remarkable attention to detail and has an ability to connect with patients and colleagues even in the most difficult and chaotic moments in the emergency department. He strikes a balance in his nursing that suggests wisdom beyond his years: He is extremely efficient, but also listens deeply, providing compassionate care to every patient. He knows when to consult colleagues but is also remarkably adept at making independent decisions. 

On one particular shift, it was Antonio who noticed a subtle change in mental status in a patient who had received a medication for bradycardia. Antonio quickly realized that this patient was having a rare side effect to this medication, causing increased dementia and acute urinary retention, which was also leading to agitation. Thanks to Antonio’s careful assessment and quick thinking, the patient got the intervention he urgently needed. 

The magic of Antonio’s nursing is in the genuine concern he has for each patient and their families. That care also extends to his colleagues, in the supportive, calm, team-based approach that he brings to every shift.