In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher quickly volunteered to become a COVID safety champion and worked with the unit leadership team to ensure readiness in COVID care. Christopher supported his nursing colleagues through education and recognition and worked extra shifts to reinforce unit operations. Although in the early stage of his career, Christopher exhibits a remarkable level of wisdom and insight into the needs of the nursing profession and effectively channels this intuition to drive his own self-directed growth.  

Christopher takes action in caring for caregivers and leads efforts to enhance nurses’ recognition and well-being through his work with the Support Through Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Committee at UCLA Health. As a member of the STAR Committee, Christopher plans nursing celebration events at the unit and health system levels and promotes meaningful nurse recognition. He continuously solicits feedback from clinical staff members regarding recognition practices and brings new ideas for implementation back to the STAR Committee. Christopher is a creative and innovative thinker, taking meaningful action to propel change and progress. He is admired for his clinical leadership and patient advocacy and empowerment.