Dean Paz is a 3rd year medical student at Rocky Vista University in Colorado. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and grew up in an Israeli household speaking primarily Hebrew. He attended the University of California, Davis for his undergraduate degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. After graduating in 2018, Dean worked in the emergency department with many inspiring patients and physicians who persuaded him to pursue a career in medicine.

Dean hopes to take an active role in the medical community to serve as a role model, mentor, and advocate to help patients better understand and manage their health. In becoming a physician, he also looks forward to opening free healthcare clinics to provide underserved patients with diverse medical care. As his passion for teaching continues to grow, he hopes to work in the academic field to help shape and educate medical students in becoming astute physicians.

Aside from medicine, Dean strongly believes in work-life balance, and enjoys setting aside time for hobbies such as hiking, skiing, road cycling, and playing basketball.