Deanna knows that communication and connection among nurses is key to nursing effectively, but that can be hard to do as a member of the float pool, a unit without a physical home base. Seeing the need, Deanna built a virtual space for connection, info-sharing and camaraderie, called Sharepoint. She filled the app with helpful information for her fellow float nurses, including resources on managing workflows and continuing education, and made sure it was engaging to use. This is just one example of the way Deanna takes initiative and solves problems creatively. She advocates for her fellow float nurses in real life, too: She helps organize out-of-work bonding activities like hiking and designed a float team tee-shirt, so that members can recognize each other. As a float nurse leader, she is dedicated to helping her colleagues feel like a team, with a sense of support and belonging.  

No matter which patient population she is caring for on any given shift, Deanna is dedicated to providing safe, compassionate and personalized care. When a developmentally disabled child needed a blood transfusion but had previously had reactions to transfusions, Deanna threw herself into this complex and emergent situation. The child’s primary provider had to be tracked down. Meanwhile, the child’s mother was struggling to cope, as she had recently lost her husband. Deanna managed to comfort and support the child’s mother while keeping the child stable and locating the provider who could manage the blood transfusion. 

Deanna cares for both her patients and her colleagues by listening deeply, establishing trust, and acting quickly to solve problems.