In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily Rorden quickly volunteered and cross-trained so she could help in the understaffed Intensive Care Unit. Her experience during COVID-19 helped her to learn the roles and practices of attendings, fellows, residents, and nurse practitioners that informed her instincts to develop a team-based ICU staffing model where nurse practitioners, fellows, residents and attendings work as a team to help care for the patients. This approach not only leads to better outcomes for patients but also fosters a supportive work environment where clinicians can feel valued and fulfilled in their roles.

Emily recently took on a new role as one of the first managers over advanced practice providers at Keck Medicine. In this role, she has brought together 25 critical care nurse practitioners, fellows, residents, and attendings. She leads the team to improve care. Her care for people and working in teams reaches outside her professional life and into her family life. Emily and her husband are foster parents, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children in foster care. Emily’s efforts inside and outside of the hospital reflect her unwavering commitment to connecting with people and making a positive difference in their worlds.