Hannah Carmi is a 28-year-old Jewish-American Israeli woman who is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Western University of Health Sciences in preparation for a career as a Physician Assistant.

From a young age Hannah has been passionate about helping others and has always had a keen interest in medicine, patient-centered care, and putting others first. Hannah has always been drawn to academia and has been heavily involved in school affairs as far back as she can remember. After graduating high school, Hannah received her bachelor’s degree from UCLA and then continued her education, taking science prerequisites for Physician Assistant school. In August 2021, Hannah’s dream of becoming a Physician Assistant took hold. She began her master’s degree and has since been dedicating her time to expanding her clinical knowledge and growing as an individual and a professional. She is pursuing this degree because she yearns for the chance to take care of others and give back to those in need, while including her love for all things science.

Hannah has three siblings and loves spending time with her family. She is passionate about baking, hiking, yoga, and her puppy, Astro. Hannah’s short-term goals include graduating Physician Assistant school and fostering her friendships and personal relationships. Long term, Hannah wishes to stay in Los Angeles and give back to her community by working as a P.A. at local clinics. She wants to be a provider for the people and bring her kindness and compassion to each encounter.