Iris Mayoral maintains laser focus on improving clinical care for the geriatric and medically complex inpatient psychiatric population she serves. Her clinical work is a testament to her exceptional problem-solving skills and courageous approach. She confidently and skillfully identifies areas for improvement and takes the initiative to thoroughly investigate root causes, carefully considering input from all stakeholders. With a patient-centric mindset, Iris proposes innovative processes and solutions to enhance both patient care and the staff experience. She is a tremendous resource for both her patients and colleagues who benefit immensely from her dedication, experience, and support. Iris embodies transformative thinking and encourages nurses to question current practices, think creatively, and trust in their ability to make lasting innovative change.

Iris has a relentless drive for improvement and is constantly seeking new learning opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills. She has completed the UCLA Health Frontline Leadership Project; served as Chair of the RNPH New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements Council; and served as the Chair of the UCLA Health System Research & Innovation Council. She recently completed the UCLA Nursing Informatics Fellowship and is currently completing a graduate psychiatric-mental health nursing program on the way to her doctorate.