Janet Kim is admired for her ability to analyze patient data and develop individualized care plans that incorporate the latest evidence-based practices. By taking the initiative to develop and implement these care plans, she ensures that everyone receives the highest quality of care possible. Janet’s proactive problem-solving and decision-making skills are truly exceptional, as evidenced by her willingness to take charge and ensure seamless coverage in a complex multispecialty clinic with a wide range of physicians and roles that are ever-changing. Her ability to anticipate and address potential challenges is a testament to her dedication to providing high-quality patient care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while working in a testing tent, Janet noticed that the nurses were at risk of exposure to the virus. Janet created a protective barrier from tent material, better protecting the nurses and the community they were caring for.

Known for her ability to de-escalate tense situations and find common ground with patients who may be resistant to care, Janet’s approach is always patient-centered. She works hard to establish and build rapport with patients. Her courage and bold thinking are a testament to her commitment to patient care and her dedication to the nursing profession. Janet   serves on multiple leadership positions within her organization and mentors her nursing colleagues while sharing her knowledge and experience to support their growth and development in their own careers.