The task of injecting a child with a vaccine might be routine, but it is also complex and delicate work: It requires knowledge of childhood vaccine schedules, safe and effective injection procedure, and, of course, the ability to connect with and comfort a child who might be frightened, and inspire trust in their parents. In her role as practice coordinator, Jesica trains the medical assistants and LVNs who provide vaccines and other ambulatory care to children. She knows the profound importance of this, and she throws herself into making the trainings effective and engaging. She goes beyond theory and standard procedure to incorporate simulation, with real-world scenarios. She knows that when she supports the professionals who provide this care, she is also supporting children and their families. Imagine the impact of this work in the thousands of children who are protected against disease—and whose families then feel more trusting of vaccines and the health care system in general. That’s a ripple effect that is hard to measure.  

Jesica has a talent for thinking collaboratively about systems, and how those systems have very real impacts on patients. For instance, a new automated medical cabinet was causing distress among staff because it was complicated and time consuming to operate. It was so difficult to use that it even resulted in an error. Jesica gathered colleagues together to talk about it, so that she could understand the problems with the new machine, and then she came up with a safer alternative solution. She then bravely brought this problem to the attention of higher-ups, explaining the shortfalls of the system and proposing a solution. Her approach was successful because she engaged everyone as a united front, and highlighted not only the problem but a solution. This kind of creative collaboration and meticulous focus makes Jesica an incredibly impactful nurse.  

Jesica often goes on international medical missions to provide care in underserved countries; in this way, she works to improve health disparities on a global scale.