Jocelyn is the kind of nurse leader who gets the best out of her team members by giving her very best to them: Nurses who work with her say that she prioritizes connection, that she listens as much as she speaks, that she considers their individual needs as well as the needs of the unit, and that she always responds with thoughtfulness and heart. She creates a culture of collaboration, kindness, teamwork and hope. She personally creates floral arrangements as gifts for work anniversaries and promotions. One nurse manager actually went back to clinical bedside work because she felt so confident working under Jocelyn’s leadership. 

Perhaps because of her collaborative style, Jocelyn is incredibly effective and efficient. When a nurse director left the organization unexpectedly, there was a leadership void just when a new clinical decision unit (CDU) was about to open. Jocelyn stepped right into that void: As acting associate director, she led the development of the CDU, teaming up with medical and nursing leadership, epidemiology and regulatory colleagues to be sure the unit got up and running seamlessly. She developed a special training curriculum for the unit’s nurses to ensure they were well prepared. 

Jocelyn leads from alongside; she never forgets the experiences of clinical nurses, while also being able to think big-picture about efficiency and workflow.