JoMarie is an extraordinary example of all that a nurse practitioner can be: She combines research innovation and clinical excellence in vascular surgery with an emphasis on holistic care and improving the patient experience. She does this all while advocating and organizing for advanced practice providers (APPs) to be able to work to the top of their licenses.

With 17 years dedicated to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, JoMarie began her career as an ICU nurse before advancing to the role of Nurse Practitioner in 2009. Throughout her tenure, she has been instrumental in spearheading several initiatives including co-creating essential protocols and providing leadership for the NP aortic clinic, ensuring comprehensive and attentive care for patients with aortic diseases. She has also played a key role in expanding vascular surgery services to Cedars-Sinai affiliate hospitals, contributing to protocol development and training of clinical staff. She is strongly committed to fostering collaboration between APPs and nurses. Through educational inservices and presentations, she encourages both groups to gain insight into each other’s unique contributions to healthcare delivery, leading to enhanced communication and improved patient care outcomes.

JoMarie thinks strategically about improving our overall health care system: She is a preceptor for nurse practitioner students and mentors new hires. She is currently creating a new APP-led sclerotherapy clinic, for the treatment of venous disease. When advanced practice nurses like JoMarie act on so many different levels, it shows others what is possible—as she rises, she lifts others.