Kelly Hopkins, BSN, RNC-NIC, C-ELBW  

Clinical Nurse, Neonatal ICU


Neonatal nurses are superstars, working diligently and perceptively to care for our tiniest and  most vulnerable patients. They provide essential, evidence-based, lifesaving care to newborns and families during the critical first days and weeks of life. Kelly Hopkins’ commitment to improving the health and well-being of these fragile infants is truly inspiring. She possesses a unique combination of medical expertise, keen observation, and patience. Kelly’s recent contribution to improving the process of using fluidized positioning devices in a unique way to help ventilate premature babies while on their abdomen, has had a significant positive impact. As a result of her efforts, infants have experienced improved oxygenation, and remained in a neuroprotective position, which in turn has led to a decrease in the need for intubation. This remarkable achievement highlights Kelly’s commitment to patient safety and care while ensuring the best possible outcomes for those in her care. 

Her innovative thinking and dedication to continuous improvement are a testament to her professionalism and expertise. Kelly’s commitment to infant care will undoubtedly have a lasting impact and inspire others. Her future goals include educating and inspiring the next generation of NICU nurses as a clinical instructor.