As the leader in responding to a critical emergency at City of Hope, Kristen Krayer-White sets the pace, rhythm and tone.  Kristen joined the rapid response team in 2019 and quickly assumed the role of leader, working closely with the ICU leadership team to continuously monitor and improve team performance, while keeping her ICU skills current. Recognizing that many episodes of cardiorespiratory collapse occur outside of the ICU, Kristen educated all nurses on signs of patient deterioration, when to call a rapid response, and how to keep patients safe. Kristen led an initiative for every nurse to have access to training on a crash cart and played a key role in the development of the virtual crash cart featuring on-demand, computerized simulation so nurses can familiarize themselves with and master crash cart contents and organization. Kristen is the author of the Rapid Response Monthly Newsletter which is dedicated to sharing and accelerating improvements to rapid response and at the 2023 Association of California Nurse Leaders Conference she shared her work titled “Implementing a Standard Protocol for the Rapid Response Team in an Oncology Setting”.  

Kristen is a tremendous resource for her colleagues who benefit from her dedication as she leads the Rapid Response Team and the science of practice forward. Her aptitude is contagious and influences those around her.