Linda Tibi is a seasoned clinician who has worked inpatient, in the outpatient Day Hospital, and rose during the call of a dangerous global public health crisis. When Linda made the decision to move into nurse triage, she was active in learning about all aspects of the job, quickly becoming knowledgeable and comfortable. During a recent education day, Linda was an engaged participant. 

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Linda quickly volunteered to become a COVID safety champion working with a team to build a COVID Testing Drive-Thru. She helped build an entirely new system from the ground up, while exemplifying collaborative practice, accepting each new protocol change in stride, and maintaining a positive attitude. She persistently followed through on her commitment to her patients, refining processes to improve care. For weeks, Linda worked outside, in full PPE, enduring heat that soared above 120 degrees. She brings years of knowledge and experience to her team and uses evidence-based practice to meet the needs of patients and the hospital.