Lisa Johnson is an innovative and collaborative healthcare professional who has established a groundbreaking approach to mortality review. Clinical mortality reviews are a crucial tool in improving patient care and long-term health outcomes. At Keck Medical Center of USC, which includes Keck Hospital of USC and USC Norris Cancer Hospital, mortality review is mandatory to prevent medical errors and minimize preventable patient harm. However, this requirement has placed a significant burden on the faculty and quality staff. Lisa’s solution in partnership with the quality medical director involved creating a dedicated mortality review committee and implementing a clinical application to support the physician peer review program associated with initial mortality reviews. This streamlined the process and allows the quality staff and physicians to focus on complex cases and reduces their workload. As a result, turnaround time for peer-reviewed cases improved, burnout decreased, and a multitude of quality interventions were implemented to reduce mortality. Lisa’s ability to create protocols and processes have accomplished above national average results in improving patient safety.

Lisa cultivates relationships to develop targeted action items, ultimately leading to enhanced safety measures for her community. Her colleagues deeply appreciate her leadership and unwavering loyalty, dedication, and support so they thrive in their roles. Outside of the hospital, Lisa generously donates her time and expertise to assist underserved communities in Haiti, Africa, and the Philippines.