If one story could illustrate Lloyd’s excellence, it is this one: Lloyd was helping a colleague with a patient and something wasn’t quite right. The patient was very anxious, and kept saying they didn’t feel okay. Lloyd reassured the patient that he would figure out what was going on. He went back over the patient’s physical and history, and reviewed the list of current medications. There, he discovered a problem: He realized that the patient was about to have a critical hypoglycemic event, something the patient had experienced before, to near-fatal effect. He was able to prevent the event. Not only did he apply critical thinking and scientific expertise in this situation, but he also made sure the patient was heard—he talked the patient through their anxiety and made sure they knew that he believed them and was going to help. That’s the power of Lloyd’s nursing. 

Lloyd also supports his colleagues to provide excellent care. He runs a support group for new nursing hires in which they problem-solve around improving professional connections, work-life balance, and how to manage that transition into nursing practice. This has greatly improved staff satisfaction. And when Lloyd decided he wanted to learn ultrasound guided IV insertion, he wasn’t just thinking of himself. He reached out to the hospital’s leaders in training, learned the skill himself, and then learned how to train other nurses on the skill. Since he did this, he has trained more than 40 nurses on his unit to become experts on ultrasound guided IV insertion, elevating the nursing practice of his entire unit.  

Lloyd is an all around nursing superstar, dedicated to health and wellness for all.