Mary is a distinguished lead nurse at UCLA Health. Her clinical knowledge, creative thinking, and empathetic manner are just a few of the attributes that make Mary an expert in the art and science of nursing care. Her keen understanding of the dynamics of a busy medical surgical unit has helped UCLA Health implement a systemwide, state-of-the-art acuity system designed to match patient needs to the nursing workforce.  

One of Mary’s most notable contributions is her leadership in the utilization and education of the workload acuity tool. As a patient acuity expert, Mary is committed to ensuring that this tool accurately reflects patient needs, significantly enhancing both the documentation and the delivery of care within her unit. Her expertise has improved the understanding and application of patient acuity within her team, resulting in more effective management of nurse workloads, reducing burnout, and improving patient outcomes.

Mary’s attention to detail and commitment to her team led her to challenge the unit routine and current state of her unit’s supply and utility rooms. Recognizing the critical impact of an efficiently organized space on the nurse’s workload, she spearheaded a project to redesign these areas, making essential supplies more accessible and navigation easier especially during emergencies. This improvement has enhanced the functionality of the unit, allowing nurses to focus more on patient care and less on logistical challenges.

Respected by her peers and valued as a mentor, Mary’s leadership makes her the nurse that other nurses always hope is working.