Mei Hui has a remarkable ability to understand what people need. It is difficult to teach this special kind of insight, but Mei Hui has it. She meets her patients exactly where they are: Some may need a very gentle approach, while others thrive with firm boundaries. Some want a lot of information and statistics, but others need quiet and rest. She pays close attention to each person and tailors her nursing accordingly, building genuine trusting relationships. Patients respond to her thoughtfulness; they take the time to tell her manager how much her care has meant to them. You can even see this close attention to the human details in her documentation, in which she tells the full story of each patient’s course, improving interdisciplinary communication, and ultimately, outcomes. 

Mei Hui doesn’t wait for others to do something that she can do. One morning she arrived for her shift to find that a wound vac on a patient had malfunctioned. She was told to wait for a physician to handle it. But after assessing the patient and the equipment, she realized that it was in her scope and training to do it herself. So she did, ensuring the patient did not have to wait for the treatment they needed. 

Mei Hui recently became a preceptor and is passing on her detail-oriented, patient-centered way of nursing to novices, multiplying her impact.