As a patient advocate and systems thinker, Mithun continually strives to improve nursing practice by bringing the voice of nurses to the forefront. Mithun was instrumental in developing the New Knowledge and Innovation Collaborative (NKI) by unifying three previously siloed councils to improve clinical workflows, implement informatics solutions, and prioritize nursing innovation. In his role as Chair of NKI, Mithun promoted collaboration across organizational councils by championing an opportunity for bedside clinicians to engage in the Biodesign process through an Innovation Sprint. Mithun’s passion for nursing is evident in his engagement, focus, and determination to address barriers that hinder nurses from providing exceptional compassionate care. 

Throughout these trying times in healthcare, Mithun is taking a proactive approach by mentoring, supporting, and uplifting his colleagues through education. Using his critical care clinical insights, he created a comprehensive, standardized, evidence-based practice educational program to empower new nurses with strong foundational knowledge, critical thinking, and clinical-decision making skills. Mithun believes that all nurses are capable of greatness when they are given the proper tools and resources to thrive. He demonstrates nursing excellence in his approach to process improvements, inter-professional collaboration, and patient centered care. Mithun truly embodies the art and science of nursing. As an authentic leader, he nurtures potential, role-models teamwork, and embraces challenges as opportunities to drive the nursing profession forward.