Nico is unafraid to make big changes: After working as a nurse administrator at a skilled nursing facility, she became the very first hire in Cedars-Sinai’s transition-to-practice program, an initiative to hire RNs from other kinds of practice and help them shift to acute bedside care. In this new setting, Nico is thriving, and she works to uplift others as well. She helps other nurses connect and become stronger together: She has been a preceptor, a mentor and a charge nurse. She helps to onboard new hires, and provides them with tailored advice and support around common issues, like time management, coworker conflicts, challenging patients, and leading difficult conversations. And she created a nurse support group, to create a sense of belonging and reduce burnout. 

Nico is always looking for opportunities to improve patient care. She revamped the discharge checklist in order to reduce patient anxiety and confusion and address barriers to discharge. The new system results in greater patient satisfaction and competence and improves workflow for nurses. She is also one of the leads in a group of RNs and MDs, working together to improve communication and partnership. 

Never one to rest on her laurels, Nico is now enrolled in a doctorate of nursing practice program, focused on nurse leadership. As she further hones her expertise, she has discovered a passion for translating research into clinical practice. Wherever her practice takes her, she will always look for ways to improve the system for everyone.