Beyond clinical work as an oncology nurse specializing in bone marrow transplant, Rachel Settani makes strong connections with patients and families. One particular patient, whose treatment wasn’t achieving its goals, didn’t have any family members to stay by his side during this tough time. Knowing that he loved house music and smoothies, Rachel organized a hospital party with the patient’s favorite tunes and drinks to lift his mood. Rachel’s superpower is using every tool and resource available to make a beloved patient’s cancer journey as supported as possible.

Rachel created a mentoring program in her unit to mentor nurses through skills certification and is part of a team that leads a quarterly infection prevention class for new hires. She is a problem solver and excels in anticipating needs and complications. While many seek career advancement and influence by preparing for roles beyond clinical care, Rachel is digging in even more deeply to the person-centered, patient-facing roles of nursing where her professional influence and impact move from strength to strength.