Caring for and nursing children with cancer is hard in every dimension. For years, Salena Agadier, as a pediatric oncology nurse, has been there during the night hours ensuring her young patients experience the typical and fun parts of childhood along with its rituals of progress. Whether it’s nail painting, discussions on makeup application, or watching a favorite TV show with her young patients, Salena knows how to be with them and makes that a part of the oncology care and treatment. When young warriors are discharged from the hospital during the daytime hours, the exuberant celebrations usually involve large teams cheering. Selena ensures patients discharged at night experience the same exciting sendoff. Once, she produced a sendoff event by creating a tunnel of people with flashlights chanting a World Wrestling introduction and a paper banner at the end for her patient to triumphantly crash through. She is beloved, trusted, and sought out by her patients and their families any time they return to the hospital.

Salena is an energetic, empathetic, and enthusiastic nurse that is dedicated to improving outcomes for people. As a leader, she intentionally focuses on the positives to uplift others. Salena keeps morale moving in a positive direction instead of feeding into negativity, which can be so easy to succumb to. Her effervescence brightens the room. It’s known as “the Salena Factor”!