Stacey is an overachieving nurse, a leader on the float team and a true team player with a genius for systems-level solutions. As a veteran nurse, it is her mission to enhance collaboration and camaraderie among all nurses. She mentors other RNs, acts as a preceptor, champions hand hygiene systems, and is a skills validator for more than 900 staff.   

She sees a hospital as an ecosystem, with each part critical to the health of the whole: She initiated a float team teamwork and collaboration bundle that included unit-specific tip sheets, change of shift huddle scripts, wellness events and a newsletter. The bundle was so effective that she successfully advocated for it to be adopted system-wide, across more than 50 units, so that nurses in all areas could benefit from it.  

For Stacey, nursing doesn’t end when she leaves the hospital. She volunteers her skills to under-served communities around the world: She has built water tanks in Cambodia, organized donations of essential medical supplies in Thailand, provided primary health care as well as nutrition and hygiene education to children and adults in Peru. She practices nursing on both individual and systems levels; her nursing is compassionate, expert, and boundless.