Susan Young MD, MPH has been a clinical faculty member of the UCLA Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry division since 1984. She has supervised and taught classes to residents and fellows on evaluation and the integration of psychopharmacology and therapy in treatment and been in practice for over 35 years. Prior to completing training in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry she worked as a pediatrician with a public health focus in the area of maternal and child health. She was a child psychiatry consultant for the Los Angeles Board of Education. Her primary focus has always been on child and family health and well-being, through pediatrics and then as a child psychiatrist.

After a residency in Pediatrics at Babies’ and Children’s Hospital at Cleveland Case Western Reserve, she trained at UCLA in Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry and earned an MPH at the UCLA School of Public Health. Medical School was at SUNY Upstate on a NY state scholarship.

Her beacon has always been to understand and to help children and families within their greater social cultural context to provide the solid base for a brighter future for everyone.