A heart transplant coordinator with the USC Transplant Institute, Sylvia Villalon is keenly attuned to the uncertainties and anxieties of critically ill heart failure patients and families awaiting organ donation. Her exceptional expertise in heart transplants has made her a capable leader of the team, earning the trust and respect of all who work with her. She takes full ownership of the pre-heart transplant process, ensuring that patients are seen in a timely manner and guiding them through the waiting list process. She provides compassionate and detailed support to patients, carefully walking them through every step of their journey towards a new heart. Her innovative ideas to improve waiting list documentation and expand staffing have played a pivotal role in the department’s success and have been instrumental in establishing best practices for care.

Sylvia is a member of the Organ Procurement Transplant Network’s International Relations committee where she brings her transplantation knowledge to advocate for greater access to organ transplants. She is deeply committed to her role, her colleagues, and above all, the critically ill community she serves. She does more than just show up to work; she shows up with a mission to help each and every person she can.