It takes a very special nurse supervisor to build trusting, open relationships with direct reports. Tasha dedicates herself to these relationships, inspiring confidence in her team, and helping them to develop their practices and act collaboratively. Being a nursing director can be an incredibly complex balancing act, but Tasha manages to communicate effectively up the chain to administrators, while also making sure the nurses she directs are seen, heard, and supported to be the best nurses they can be. Nurse leaders like her are what makes the world go around. 

Because Tasha is so deeply interested in how nurses actually work best, she disrupted the status quo to restructure the house manager position into three different roles, each with its own distinct focus. It was very difficult to get everyone to agree, but Tasha argued for the change effectively, marshaling the evidence and presenting it to the CNO. The result has been better communication across disciplines, more efficiency, and better patient outcomes.  

Tasha leads with her heart. It is her mission to ensure that her colleagues are able to excel at patient care and to have a healthy work-life balance.