Tusdi Rodriguez started her career as a clinical care nurse and became involved in quality assurance during her recovery process following an injury. Recognizing her interest and aptitude for quality assurance, Tusdi made the decision to shift her career focus and transitioned to a role in the quality department. Tusdi recognized the importance of seeking guidance and learning from those who had more experience in the field. Surrounding herself with mentors who were knowledgeable and passionate about quality assurance, she eagerly absorbed their insights and advice. 

Today, as a manager for quality and outcomes, Tusdi is committed to building relationships and fostering collaborative teams. She recognizes that effective quality management requires the input and cooperation of a variety of stakeholders, including clinicians, administrators, and physician leaders.

Her diligence and commitment made it possible to significantly influence the organization’s clinical practice in sepsis for Keck Hospital of USC & USC Norris Cancer Hospital. Tusdi’s collaboration with frontline clinicians and data analytics translated to multiple poster presentations from 2020-2022, including “Dynamic Duo: Partners in Combating Sepsis Bundle Compliance,” presented at Vizient Summit in Las Vegas, NV, and National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) in 2021.

By cultivating relationships and encouraging teamwork, Tusdi is able to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement that benefits everyone involved in the delivery of care. Tusdi’s work titled “Life After Death: Use of a Mortality Screening App,” presented at the first annual Keck Medical Center of USC quality symposium, pulls back the layers of workflows, data, and processes to reveal a better path for the team, the department, and the organization.