Yi-Ping Wen is a pioneering advanced practice nurse who is accomplished in the very specialized field of hematology. Clinical trials are led by a principal investigator with a research team that may include physicians, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. Yi-Ping seeks to provide better patient survivorship outcomes by working on comprehensive survivorship interventions through literature reviews with a plan for pursuing doctoral education to conduct nursing research to improve patient care. She came to the US from Taiwan with a dream of becoming a scientist who could touch and change peoples’ lives. She’s leaping into uncharted territory and opening the door for others in this important space. 

Yi-Ping has a reputation of seeking out bottlenecks that impede patient care or efficiency so that she can proactively contribute to finding solutions. She never shies away from the work that is required when engaged with colleagues and leadership in order to find resolutions that benefit everyone. Yi-Ping has a spirit of curiosity and a love of novel thought and action.