Play is learning at The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation (MOXI). Located in Santa Barbara, California, MOXI features 3 floors of indoor and outdoor exhibits designed to help curious minds of all ages explore, play, and discover. Through interactive experiences in science and creativity, learning is ignited. The Simms/Mann Family Foundation supported MOXI’s mission by donating to the Bridge for Interactive Media exhibit, which features rotating displays of new media arts and technology.



Desired Impact

The Simms/Mann Bridge for Interactive Media provides a unique showcase for a wide range of digital interactive experiences designed in partnership with local artists, educators, and scientists. The Bridge features displays that blend art and science, providing unique experiences that amaze, excite, and inspire visitors. Examples of exhibits include:

  • Immersive virtual reality experiences
  • Opportunities for scientific exploration and psychological reflection
  • Exploring concepts of communication, connection, perspective, and the self

The current exhibit in the Simms/Mann Bridge is Speed of Light, which uses a 3D camera to scan and “teleport” visitors into a world where their body is the controller. Players can explore, solve puzzles, and challenge other visitors—all completely touch-free.