The Nova Institute for Health is a heart-centered, health-focused think tank that takes action for the good of all people, places, and the planet. It was founded in 2007 by Professor Brian Berman, MD, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Nova Institute envisions a world where health underlies all of society’s decisions and actions, where the many interconnected determinants of well-being are recognized, and where we place greater value on integration, creativity, and wisdom. A world where people enjoy meaningful and fulfilling lives—no matter where on Earth they live, work, or play.



Desired Impact

The Nova Institute cultivates a broad, transdisciplinary community of thought leaders and partners. It is internationally recognized as a leading space for exploration and discovery. Most recently, Nova Institute launched the Nova Integration Hub. This web-based forum empowers the Institute community to share ideas, put research findings into practice and policy, and spark creativity and solutions for global health and well-being. The Foundation belongs to Nova Institute’s Leadership Council and provides general operating support to uplift Nova’s mission.