The Simms/Mann Institute recognizes that early connections and emotional nurturance form the psychological blueprint for a lifetime. In order to address the social, emotional and cognitive challenges of modern life, the Institute developed a guide for the 21st century focused on building resilience and healthy connections during the critical ages of 0-3. The Building the House Within GuideĀ draws from tried and tested theories of early child development as well as cutting-edge research on learning and brain sciences.

Desired Impact

The Building the House Within GuideĀ explores six developmental areas – each of which contributes to the creation of a sturdy and flexible psychological structure: attachment and attunement, language and narrative development, temperament, self-regulation, self-organization, empathy and playfulness. The Guide is meant to serve as a tool for parents, childcare providers, early child educators, nurses, pediatricians, and anyone who wishes to nurture meaningful relationships, help build community resources, and foster resilience in our future generations. The Institute team conducts trainings with these groups using the Guide, including with Fellows of the First 36 Project.